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Frog Street© Curriculum Gets Them Kinder-Ready

Proven Frog Street© Curriculum For Every Stage Of Development

The research-backed Frog Street© curriculum uses play-based, child-led activities to deliver hands-on early reading, math, science, and social studies skills at every age and stage. Proven to provide rich, experiential learning, Frog Street© takes your child from infancy through pre-kindergarten with scaffolded knowledge that grows with them.

Age-appropriate lessons build meaningful skills that prepare them to take a bright path towards the elementary years. All levels of the Frog Street© curriculum feature built-in assessment tools so teachers can evaluate strengths and potential gaps to best tailor your child’s learning.

  • Sensory toys and safe manipulative materials boost cognitive development
  • Stories and songs solidify early learning through rhyme and repetition
  • Puppet plays engage children and bring new ideas to life
  • Colorful picture cards help strengthen object recognition
  • Stories, songs, and dramatic play activities introduce letters, sounds, and pre-reading skills
  • Lovable characters connect children to tunderlying lessons in stories 
  • Interactive games encourage sensory exploration and healthy movement
  • Cognitive activities  introduce cause-and-effect as a precursor to critical thinking
  • Stories, songs, and dramatic play reinforce letters, sounds, and pre-reading
  • Sensory and movement games boost motor skills development
  • Manipulative math materials support counting and number and pattern recognition
  • Structured activities like circle time prepare children for school routines
  • Books and vocabulary cards support letter recognition and pre-reading
  • Counting and pattern cards and manipulatives help cement early math concepts
  • Sensory and dramatic play activities encourage cognition and creativity 
  • Themed learning reinforces real-world applications of knowledge

STEAM Activities To Foster Creativity & Critical Thinking

Your child engages in fun STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) activities that provide cross-discipline learning opportunities. STEAM projects allow your child to stretch their creativity and practice crucial critical thinking skills.

Conscious Discipline® For Gentle Emotional Guidance
Language, Arts, Movement, & More EnrichTheir Learning

Language, Arts, & Movement To Enhance Your Child’s Learning

Your little one enjoys the opportunity to explore STEAM enrichments like baby signing, yoga, dance, arts, crafts, music, and more. They discover new interests, and boost their communication and creative skills to accelerate their future education, development, and opportunities.

Social-Emotional Learning That Delivers Age-Appropriate Skills

As they grow, your child develops their sense of self, discovers their emotions, and begins to relate to others. Social-emotional learning curricula help them express and communicate their feelings and become a respectful, empathetic classroom citizen.

Areas Dedicated To Movement, Exploration, Rest, & Relaxation
The Area’s Largest Playground Doubles As An Outdoor Classroom

Areas Dedicated To Movement, Exploration, Rest, & Relaxation

With 3 specialized, purpose-built developmental centers, your child:

In-House Field Trips Bring Lessons To Life

With in-house field trips including swim school, dentists, firetruck visits, puppet shows, and more, your child has a blast with their friends as they dive into real-world experiences that reflect their classroom learning in the wide world around them.

In-House Field Trips Bring Lessons To Life
The Area’s Largest Playground Doubles As An Outdoor Classroom

The Area’s Largest Playground Doubles As An Outdoor Classroom

Your child builds strong muscles, gross motor skills, and memories with friends while they adventure through a basketball court, bike paths, water play, sandboxes, gardens, and large green spaces. There’s room for learning, too, when messy lessons head outdoors.

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