Child Care Summer Camp

A Summer Filled with Fun, Learning, Friends, and Adventure!

Are you looking for a child care summer camp? If your child could design a perfect summer, it would probably include plenty of friends, new things to do every day, and exciting challenges. You’ll find all of this and more at the Here We Grow Summer Camp!

Here We Grow Child Development Center offers you a secure child care summer program, and your child a summer filled with fun and educational age-appropriate experiences under the supervision of our excellent staff and teachers. Regularly scheduled field trips are part of our summer care programs. Some of the exciting and educational field trips eagerly anticipated each year include visiting the Zoo and enjoying a cookout in the park!

Our summer daycare educates and prepares your child for the coming school year with activities taught by our highly trained and qualified teachers to keeps those young minds working through the summer. Our reading and math program combined with fun and educational games and activities keep your child’s skills sharp. This helps in their adjustment going back to school when summer draws to an end.

Your child is grouped with other children in their age group. The activities they participate in inspire and create memories while enriching their social skills making forever friendships. A few of our fun summer activities include:

  • Create and care for their own summer garden
  • Play miniature golf
  • Creating their own bird feeder and at the same time learn about wildlife
  • Age appropriate science projects