Early Development is Fundamental to the Growth of your Child

At Here We Grow Child Development Center, we understand the value and importance of early child development! Here is what our experienced and nurturing teachers and staff help your child with, as well as why and how we do it:

Cognitive Development

Our curriculum encourages developing your child’s cognitive abilities through a variety of fun exercises. We focus on skills including repetition, discovery, problem-solving, reasoning, sorting, interacting, speech and increased use of verbal skills.

Social Development

One major area of social development is play. Children try out new skills and imitate things they see. Through games such as puzzles and shape sorters, they refine motor skills. Through games of pretend they sort out emotions and make sense of things while exploring and becoming aware of their surroundings and emotions.

Language Development

The staff at Here We Grow promotes thinking and communication skills while having fun and helping your children learn through verbal interaction, music, reading, writing, science and food experiences, sign language, math activities, arts & crafts, individual and group play.

Emotional Development

Children will learn self-awareness in a positive, nurturing setting where they can feel safe to express, manage, deal with and control their emotional states. Emotional self-regulation is a key skill they will learn to incorporate into their daily lives as well as emotion recognition.

Physical Development

Aside from our available extracurricular activities all children are encouraged and reinforced to participate in sports and other physical engagements that help each child build balancing skills, coordination, flexibility, speed, reaction time, agility, strength, and endurance. Large, well-equipped outside play areas challenge and help foster a positive attitude toward fitness, competition, and cooperation.

Preschool Level Development

Potty Training is offered for our 2 to 3-year-olds. We approach child development with the belief that all children are capable and talented, and that they learn in their own ways. This method even extends to how we organize our classrooms that are divided into distinct areas of interest that meet children’s needs to move, explore, express themselves and relax.