Skills you Child Learns in our Pre-K Program Include:

Self-Help Skills

  • Eats independently
  • Uses restroom independently
  • Washes hands after using the restroom
  • Removes outerwear independently
  • Asks questions and seeks out adult help when necessary
  • Knows how to care for and use books
  • Cleans up after self
  • Social/Emotional Skills
  • Tries new things
  • Takes turns
  • Shares materials
  • Listens while others talk
  • Shows concern for others
  • Plays cooperatively with other children
  • Works well independently or in small groups
  • Separates from parent without undue anxiety
  • Knows parent or guardian’s first and last name
  • Knows own first and last name and can tell an adult

Math Skills

  • Counts to ten
  • Creates groups of up to five objects
  • Places like items together (e.g., red cars and blue cars)
  • Plays with, identifies, and names the shapes (e.g., circle, triangle, and rectangle)
  • Uses comparative words (e.g., heavier, shorter, less, taller, bigger)

Language and Literacy Skills

  • Listens attentively and responds to stories and books
  • Speaks in complete sentences
  • Speaks clearly enough to be understood by unfamiliar adults
  • Has a vocabulary that includes words to name colors, parts of the body, and positional words (e.g., in/out, to/from, around, upside down)
  • Expresses feelings and ideas
  • Knows poems and songs
  • Identifies signs, symbols, or logos in the environment
  • Identifies 10 or more letters of the alphabet, especially those in own name
  • Writes using drawings and made-up or real letters

Large Motor Skills

  • Hops, jumps, and runs
  • Bounces, catches, kicks, and throws balls
  • Walks in a straight line forward and backward
  • Balances on dominant foot for five seconds
  • Participates in simple games

Small Motor Skills

  • Holds writing instruments correctly
  • Holds scissors correctly
  • Uses scissors to cut straight or curved lines
  • Turns a single page in a book
  • Puts together simple puzzles