Infant Care Program

Here We Grow Infant Care Program: Nurturing Care

Infant Program in Draper UT

Here We Grow helps your infant grow with love and nurturing care!

At Here We Grow Child Development Center, we provide a nurturing and safe environment where your baby is able to explore with the guidance of loving staff and teachers. You’ll feel comfort knowing your infant receives an abundance of love, care and support from our highly trained, experienced, and nurturing teachers and staff.

Babies begin learning through play and our infant care program has been created to provide your infant with skills that create a solid foundation for learning. All activities in our child care programs at Here We Grow are done through one on one nurturing that stimulates your child’s growth at all levels.

Your Infant’s Busy Day!

Your infant’s teacher provides a loving and caring day that gives your baby the opportunity to develop both emotionally as well as physically. We focus on:

* Infant Physical Development – Interactive play time is important in child care as a development tool for your infant’s senses. By providing physical exercises with items designed for your infant’s age helps them in learning to crawl, stand and walk. We use various manipulatives with your child such as balls and other toys to further stimulate their motor skills.

The Infant playground in Draper UT

The Infant playground at Here We Grow helps stimulate your baby’s motor skills!

* Infant Language Skills – By verbally teaching an infant with sounds and objects helps your child strengthen their growing communication skills. Simply speaking to your infant with facial expressions and to eye contact assists your child with their communication skills. Telling stories and singing songs create further important communication skills. These are just a few examples of teaching communication skills in our Draper, UT child care center.

* Infant Cognitive Development – With the use of different textures and materials your child learns about shapes and sizes and practices hand to eye coordination. By using items such as soft blocks, stacking cups and puzzles assists your infant’s interaction skills, sense awareness, as well as their fine and large motor skills.

*Infant Social/Emotional Skills– Infants begin to develop trust as their caregiver meet their needs such as changing their diapers when needed, feeding them when they are hungry, and holding them when they cry. When frightened, infants cry and look surprised and afraid. They cry to express anger, pain and hunger. It’s their way of communicating. They are easily excited or upset. They need to be cradled and comforted. It seems as if they cannot tell where their bodies end and someone else’s begins. Infants smile in response to a pleasant sound or a full stomach. At about six weeks, they smile in response to someone else. By four months, they smile broadly, laugh when pleased, and learn to recognize faces and voices.

The Here We Grow Infant Care Program includes sharing with you the daily log of what your baby ate, when they slept, diaper changes, etc, along with the learning activities they enjoyed throughout the day.

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