Discovery Kids

It’s fun to be a kid at Here We Grow!

Toddlers from 12 months of age to 2 years of age are always on the go and the staff and teachers at Here We Grow Child Development Center are ready and able to keep up with your busy child!

Toddlers tend to have their own agenda and are very inquisitive; this is a time where your child begins to create early friendships and develop their personalities. Our Toddler care program is designed to assist your child in building an early foundation in a safe and nurturing environment.

Your Toddler’s Day

During your toddler’s day at Here We Grow, their curriculum is based on activities that create excitement and assist further development of their brain and social skills. Your toddler’s day is filled with a wide variety of fun and supervised activities that offer a balance of playtime and learning time, including:

  • Group activities such as singing song or book reading that increase your child’s social skills.
  • Playing musical instruments, painting, drawing, coloring and other creative activities.
  • Highly supervised outdoor play to burn off a toddler’s energy level and build motor skills.
  • Naptime to fuel brain activity.
  • Interactive mealtime to aid in your child’s social and communication skills.

It is important that a toddler is challenged with many different activities throughout the day to stimulate their brains along with creating a desire to learn more.

Your Toddler’s Classroom

Our classrooms are safe environments that provide spaces for not only playing and learning but we provide designated areas for eating and sleeping. Designated areas include:

  • The Movement Area assists in your toddler’s physical coordination skills. Your toddler has fun with numerous and safe opportunities to jump, climb or dance their little feet off!
  • The Exploration Area is filled with items to develop your toddler’s senses with items such as Crayons, paint, books, blocks, and various other manipulatives.
  • The Rest and Relaxation Area provides a quiet place where your child can nap or sit quietly with other toddlers as the teacher reads them a book.

Our toddler care program at Here We Grow increases and supports your child’s learning, motor skills (fine and large), healthy nutrition, and social skills development under the caring guidance of our experienced staff and teachers.